Valid Arguments In Essay Paper

What are the valid arguments how you can make an argument in a way that the other person understands that and this is called critical thinking critical thinking means that when you take a position and you have your own understanding and you are in the favor are against a topic and you prove it with valid arguments then that is called critical thinking so a critical thinker will never come and fighting critical thinker will always view varied arguments substantial approach so then that is called there is no need of fighting why you will fight why you don’t have some but are these things happen in those philosophies in those societies which are based on social which are based on philosophy and spirituality religion but not dogmatic religion dogma Dogma Dogma is fanaticism. Learn what makes an argument valid on Edusson.

The things are constructed constructionism structuralism there are fixed structures in your in your mind you don’t go here and there you are not there is no flexibility so then you will fight when there is no flexibility when there is no elasticity so then the only outcome will be fighting now Medusa how can we deal with the topic gender sensitisation so in this topic you have two words gender and sensitization so you must understand these two words what is gender and what is sensitization gender is your thus the role which is given to a sex by society male sex female sex third six four six five six there are five sixes usually we think that there are only two so what rule is given to these sexes by society that is called gender now how much we are sensing diced since it has means that how much our our mind our central nervous system accepts that role rule up that person for example if Freeman is only for kitchen and bedroom so this is a gender we a role by society given to a female and male only working and getting you know financial resources and he will be a bread earner and she will be a cooker a cook.

And she will be cooking so these rules if how much we are sensitized that this women can also our money since it has mean how much we are conscious how much consciousness we have how much knowledge we have about this situation some people will think will be not sensitized and they will have constructs they will have structures in their mind that no female must be in the four walls and even some religious people will tell you that she must go inside the room to offer the prayers she should not have in the dark her parents are better than in light they will not even allow her to go to mosque and offer prayers with the male members so these are the society rules that we have given to different genders e so please take part in that so what are those five degrees of gender already I discussed yeah hammer provides also that is more in insects but maybe in human beings there is a kind of mix of both male and female if gender is sort of construction of sex then how can we have gender equality we should say sex equality you know we should talk of human equality that are the human beings are equal.