Original Ideas In Your Essay

Avoid committing yourself to giving original ideas and doing original work in essays of 2500 words okay because actually to do that to actually set it up in any meaningful way will take you at least an RP at least and even an RP you’re going to be lucky in some cases to manage it it’s probably a PhD okay but for NSA the trick is always to find out what the standard literature says on that issue and critically appraise it okay that’s that’s the way you actually make progress and that’s the way you cope with an essay okay let’s just go on to it now I have basically three sections in all essays which we need to address is the introduction substantive part and very important the conclusion remember what I told you about the conclusion it’s twelve o’clock at night peter is very tired he’s had these glass of wine okay.

He’s looking at all these essays stacked in front of him and he’s going to read the conclusion first okay because i do i always read the conclusion first because that already tells me is this person really focusing on the question okay so that’s why I emphasize that but I’m going to give you a few more tips on that look at the introduction and I’ve already mentioned this question but I will repeat it answer the question answer the question okay exam answer the question and then focus your answer indicate what your focus is in that introductory paragraph it’s also very important and here’s the important part number three is sometimes questions are very broad sometimes questions are badly formulated we’re human beings teachers we may not look like it we may look like aliens but I assure you that we’re human beings and we make mistakes okay.

And we formulate things pretty badly but you’re in an exam and you have to make the best of it okay so here’s the thing you do is you actually indicate how you understand this question and how you’re going to manage it by specifically focusing on this aspect okay and justifying it get not trying to actually say superficial things about lots and lots of issues which are vaguely related to the question okay but you get focus and I’m going to give you some examples of ambiguous questions so that you can see that in just a moment and then the last part i always suggest to students is give a rough indication as to how you’re going to approach it what is the structure of the rest of your paper and what’s the logic of that structure and some students and i encourage this some staff may not like it but i encourage it is give me a rough idea of what argument you’re trying to develop already in the introduction this way I know what you’re trying to say okay and then I like to see it again coming back in the conclusion.