Law Enforcement Training Online Programs

Online degree programs have been rapidly growing in the last few years. It should come as no surprise that law enforcement has been one of the growing number of majors offered by these distance learning schools. There are currently a number of different schools and ways of earning a degree in law enforcement training online. These include Associates of Applied Science, Bachelor’s, and even Master’s degrees.

Minnesota College Metropolitan State University became the first to offer its Law Enforcement Degree Online with no requirements for any classes to be taken in a brick and mortar institution. Many so called online degree programs will still require you to attend a physical class a number of times throughout the course or even throughout the semester. This naturally cuts down on the convenience for working adults. Others have followed this lead, such as Mountain State University. Mountain State claims that its degree can be earned in as little as 18 months.

Like many professions, it is fast becoming a requirement for law enforcement officers to have at least a two year degree. Minnesota currently is one of the states which is requiring all new law enforcement officers to possess one. This number is likely to grow.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree may not be easy for many law enforcement professionals who do not live near a four year institution which offers a program. Or they may simply not have the time for go to a traditional classroom. Besides, while getting an online degree, you can use any online essay help service for your convenience. This is what makes getting a Law Enforcement Degree online so sought after. Having a Bachelor’s degree will certainly open new doors to you, beyond those that would be available with just an Associate’s.

Make no mistake; earning a Criminal Justice or  law enforcement training online is not any easier than a traditional course. Convincing your potential employers of that may be another story. It is wise to choose a program from a school that also has a traditional program, especially one that is well respected for its law enforcement program. It is also a plus if the degree offered is identical to the traditional program in every way, including name, required courses, instructors, etc. Likely though, this will mean that the program is not any cheaper than a traditional program would be. But an online education should not be about saving money, but instead getting high quality instruction on a schedule that works for you. A piece of paper is just that, a piece of paper, if it is not representative of the knowledge and experience an individual possesses.