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Valid Arguments In Essay Paper

What are the valid arguments how you can make an argument in a way that the other person understands that and this is called critical thinking critical thinking means that when you take a position and you have your own understanding and you are in the favor are against a topic and you prove it with valid arguments then that is called critical thinking so a critical thinker will never come and fighting critical thinker will always view varied arguments substantial approach so then that is called there is no need of fighting why you will fight why you don’t have some but are these things happen in those philosophies in those societies which are based on social which are based on philosophy and spirituality religion but not dogmatic religion dogma Dogma Dogma is fanaticism. Learn what makes an argument valid on Edusson.

The things are constructed constructionism structuralism there are fixed structures in your in your mind you don’t go here and there you are not there is no flexibility so then you will fight when there is no flexibility when there is no elasticity so then the only outcome will be fighting now Medusa how can we deal with the topic gender sensitisation so in this topic you have two words gender and sensitization so you must understand these two words what is gender and what is sensitization gender is your thus the role which is given to a sex by society male sex female sex third six four six five six there are five sixes usually we think that there are only two so what rule is given to these sexes by society that is called gender now how much we are sensing diced since it has means that how much our our mind our central nervous system accepts that role rule up that person for example if Freeman is only for kitchen and bedroom so this is a gender we a role by society given to a female and male only working and getting you know financial resources and he will be a bread earner and she will be a cooker a cook.

And she will be cooking so these rules if how much we are sensitized that this women can also our money since it has mean how much we are conscious how much consciousness we have how much knowledge we have about this situation some people will think will be not sensitized and they will have constructs they will have structures in their mind that no female must be in the four walls and even some religious people will tell you that she must go inside the room to offer the prayers she should not have in the dark her parents are better than in light they will not even allow her to go to mosque and offer prayers with the male members so these are the society rules that we have given to different genders e so please take part in that so what are those five degrees of gender already I discussed yeah hammer provides also that is more in insects but maybe in human beings there is a kind of mix of both male and female if gender is sort of construction of sex then how can we have gender equality we should say sex equality you know we should talk of human equality that are the human beings are equal.

Working On Biographical Essay

We’re going to first talk about how you can get started by brainstorming and so we’ll look at different suggestions there second we’ll go more in depth with common issues that students may run into when outlining and go through that we will then go through different scenarios when you are drafting an essay and then we’ll review and end with a question and answer session so let’s jump right in so if you’ve taken a look at the essay prompt that we have in the college prep Scholars Program application then you should know that the essay topic is this one by now so let’s look right now and I just like to take some time to remind everyone that if you haven’t done so log into your quest bridge account and look at your application as much as you can. Learn more about biographical essays on

We are approaching the deadline and it’s always good to get to work early so there are two sections to the writing part for the college prep Scholars Program application the first section is the short answers like I highlighted before and then the second portion is this biographical essay which is what we are going to be discussing at greater detail throughout this presentation so let’s take a look at this prompt we are interested in learning more about you and the context in which you have grown up formed your aspirations and accomplish your academic successes please describe the factors and challenges that have most shaped your personal life and asked and then this is key how have these factors helped you to grow so reminder make sure you’re answering the full prompt don’t just list the factors that have influenced you and make sure you’re also discussing how they’ve helped you grow this may seem like a lot of information to include in one essay but hopefully after this quest cast you’ll get a better sense of how to write a successful biographical essay that incorporates all the necessary details.

So before we go into brainstorming topics for your essay I just want to let you know that this worksheet that we have for you and that we’re going to go over today is available for download so if you hover over to the right side of your screen and look at the GoToWebinar panel you will see at the very bottom a section that says handouts so go ahead go there and click to download that and once you’ve done so please click to raise your hand so I know you are ready okay great so no worries if you haven’t been able to download it yet you can always go back and do so it’s also available on our website if you go to the application resources drop down menu of our quest website so today as we go over this brainstorming worksheet keep in mind that this is by no means the only way that you should be brainstorming or the only way that we except or anything like that this is just a tool that you can use in a tool that we happen to be going over.

Original Ideas In Your Essay

Avoid committing yourself to giving original ideas and doing original work in essays of 2500 words okay because actually to do that to actually set it up in any meaningful way will take you at least an RP at least and even an RP you’re going to be lucky in some cases to manage it it’s probably a PhD okay but for NSA the trick is always to find out what the standard literature says on that issue and critically appraise it okay that’s that’s the way you actually make progress and that’s the way you cope with an essay okay let’s just go on to it now I have basically three sections in all essays which we need to address is the introduction substantive part and very important the conclusion remember what I told you about the conclusion it’s twelve o’clock at night peter is very tired he’s had these glass of wine okay.

He’s looking at all these essays stacked in front of him and he’s going to read the conclusion first okay because i do i always read the conclusion first because that already tells me is this person really focusing on the question okay so that’s why I emphasize that but I’m going to give you a few more tips on that look at the introduction and I’ve already mentioned this question but I will repeat it answer the question answer the question okay exam answer the question and then focus your answer indicate what your focus is in that introductory paragraph it’s also very important and here’s the important part number three is sometimes questions are very broad sometimes questions are badly formulated we’re human beings teachers we may not look like it we may look like aliens but I assure you that we’re human beings and we make mistakes okay.

And we formulate things pretty badly but you’re in an exam and you have to make the best of it okay so here’s the thing you do is you actually indicate how you understand this question and how you’re going to manage it by specifically focusing on this aspect okay and justifying it get not trying to actually say superficial things about lots and lots of issues which are vaguely related to the question okay but you get focus and I’m going to give you some examples of ambiguous questions so that you can see that in just a moment and then the last part i always suggest to students is give a rough indication as to how you’re going to approach it what is the structure of the rest of your paper and what’s the logic of that structure and some students and i encourage this some staff may not like it but i encourage it is give me a rough idea of what argument you’re trying to develop already in the introduction this way I know what you’re trying to say okay and then I like to see it again coming back in the conclusion.

Law Enforcement Training Online Programs

Online degree programs have been rapidly growing in the last few years. It should come as no surprise that law enforcement has been one of the growing number of majors offered by these distance learning schools. There are currently a number of different schools and ways of earning a degree in law enforcement training online. These include Associates of Applied Science, Bachelor’s, and even Master’s degrees.

Minnesota College Metropolitan State University became the first to offer its Law Enforcement Degree Online with no requirements for any classes to be taken in a brick and mortar institution. Many so called online degree programs will still require you to attend a physical class a number of times throughout the course or even throughout the semester. This naturally cuts down on the convenience for working adults. Others have followed this lead, such as Mountain State University. Mountain State claims that its degree can be earned in as little as 18 months.

Like many professions, it is fast becoming a requirement for law enforcement officers to have at least a two year degree. Minnesota currently is one of the states which is requiring all new law enforcement officers to possess one. This number is likely to grow.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree may not be easy for many law enforcement professionals who do not live near a four year institution which offers a program. Or they may simply not have the time for go to a traditional classroom. Besides, while getting an online degree, you can use any online essay help service for your convenience. This is what makes getting a Law Enforcement Degree online so sought after. Having a Bachelor’s degree will certainly open new doors to you, beyond those that would be available with just an Associate’s.

Make no mistake; earning a Criminal Justice or  law enforcement training online is not any easier than a traditional course. Convincing your potential employers of that may be another story. It is wise to choose a program from a school that also has a traditional program, especially one that is well respected for its law enforcement program. It is also a plus if the degree offered is identical to the traditional program in every way, including name, required courses, instructors, etc. Likely though, this will mean that the program is not any cheaper than a traditional program would be. But an online education should not be about saving money, but instead getting high quality instruction on a schedule that works for you. A piece of paper is just that, a piece of paper, if it is not representative of the knowledge and experience an individual possesses.

The Best About Online Degrees in Marketing, PR and Office Administration

Online Master’s Marketing Degrees

As the world is getting globalized, competition is on peak and in order to survive in this competitive world where the business environment is fast paced, cutting edge, the marketing skills and expertise are the priceless resources. Every day you have to face a new marketing challenge so you should be well qualified and up to date to solve them on the spot so that competitors do not get hold on industry. Online bachelors marketing degree is not enough, you must study further in order to succeed. Students doing masters marketing degree will have opportunity to examine constantly changing roles of various marketing functions within firm, and a variety of topics and issues highly relevant to the changing workplace so that they can apply what they learn. Many universities offer online masters marketing degree where they not only teach the fundamentals but in depth of marketing.

If you are a career oriented professional who want to advance your career in current field, want increment, promotion, interested in increasing network of contacts or you want to start business of your own, online masters marketing degree is the best option to choose. Recent research has shown that most of the high post professionals are masters in marketing. Marketing people have the capabilities to supervise whole organization.

Online Public Relations Degree Program

Public relation is about maintaining public image for high-profile people, organization or societies. It is related to public message in shape of communication, community relation, crises management, government officials, investor relation, media relation, customer and employee relations etc. Public relations provide the communication services, like they make the public and media aware of how company is working. Most organizations have a separate public relation department which is responsible for helping customers with their problems resolution. PR also helps in providing the company feedback from public. They usually research and find out what actions of organizations’ public likes or dislikes.

Online public relations degree enhances communication skills, problem solving skills, presentation skills and time management skills. It also makes the people multi-tasking, patient and talented. The people who can work under pressure and have interest in this field can get glamorous success. Public relations person get opportunity to start job from the post of junior account executive and become an account director in most likely five years.


Online Office Administration Degree Program

Office Administration is a set of all daily activities related to marketing, customer, and employees, filing of documents, distribution and logistics within organization. The objective of this subject is to make student aware of how to manage office daily operations. The most important task is to maintain an efficient filing system to look fabulous ambiance. Majors in office administration enhance many key skills like problem-solving skills, leadership skills; interpersonal skills, communication and writing skills which are essential to work anywhere.

Office Administration is a subject in which you can learn office etiquettes and standards that leads to well-structured and well organized workplace. Office administration professionals have responsibilities to manage daily operations of firms such as staff management, purchase of supplies, equipment maintenance, preparing project reports, filing, compiling and employee training etc. These are the basic expertise which everybody needs to have, working in any department.


Online Bachelor’s Marketing and Advertising Degrees

Online Bachelor’s Marketing Degrees

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing is the valuable course of study for professionals who want to study further but do not get time to attend campus classes. This online degree facilitates them in earning high level education along with their job. Online master’s degree in marketing gives you confidence to be different. Job market is looking for creative and passionate marketers whose main goal is to continue their study along with work so that they will have updated knowledge on how to attract customers with news ways.

The major subjects taught in online bachelor’s marketing program are brand management, advertising and promotional management, retailing, consumer behavior, marketing research and new product development. Every organization wants to get enormous success thus the systems and functions of organization must be effectively managed with the modernized tools and techniques. Online Masters in marketing degree teaches the effective utilization of resources and the adequate creative skills.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that online bachelor’s in marketing earn around $70000. No other profession guarantees a fascinating career than marketing. So anyone who want to improve their promotional prospects within business or want to attain a high paying job can benefit from the field of marketing.

Online Advertising Degrees

Advertising is a method by which companies introduce themselves and their products. It is a form of communication deliberately used to persuade audience to act; to buy. It includes product’s or service’s name, its benefits and features. Advertisements attract potential customers and retain existing ones by presenting products using different media. There are so many ways by which a company can introduce and then promote its products or services. Some are electronic media such as Television, radio, internet while others are printed media like newspapers, magazines, publication journals, bill boards, banners etc.

The aim of advertising is to increase company’s revenue by clearly portraying its products and services. Repetition of image or product name in advertising makes them remind of using products and eventually customers become regular consumers. When they use firm’s products regularly they become loyal to that brand and company. Loyal customers are those who spread positive word of mouth and speak well about products and company to potential customers.

As competition is increasing with fast pace of technology, we see every company coming up with new products better than its competitors. To remain competitive firm must strive to build their brand name using different channels of advertising. As it is the most effective and easiest way of building strong relationship with customers and building brand image.


The Best About Online Marketing and Management Degrees

Online Associate Marketing Degrees

Students, who want to make their career in marketing, can start their education with online associate degree in marketing. Marketing is an ever growing field with new channels and media coming every day. Customization is playing a key role in today’s modern world and the products developed accordingly are more successful. Online associate degree in marketing will make you learn about the consumer behavior, their buying habits, effective tools of marketing and advertising to attract customers, demographics, economics, accounting, management and customer psychology. So you will better be able to satisfy customers with their expectations.

The Online associate marketing degree will help improving students’ skills like creativity, communication skills, researching skills and most importantly convincing skills. They make students expert in marketing basics like product, price, promotion and place. Effective marketing strategies and tactics to get hold on competitors. People with online associate degree in marketing easily get jobs in promotional positions, public relations and advertising agencies etc. According to US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics marketing manager earns income in hundred thousand while advertising and promotional managers earn around $70000 every year.

Online Sales Management Degrees

Sales management is a process of planning, staffing, training, leading and controlling organizational resources in order to achieve organization’s sales goals. It is about analyzing what must be offered, how to market, when and where to place it, how feedbacks and suggestions will be implemented, how to price it and other similar questions related to sales of business. Sales management is concerned with the process of convincing customers to buy the offered products or avail services.

Sales management follow a process called “AIDA Plan”; it is the abbreviation of attention, interest, desire and action. It simply means that first of all we have to bring customer’s attention to our product. Second step is to make them aware of features, qualities and pricing of product through advertising and promotional methods; to create interest. Thirdly we have to match their needs to our product and provoke desire for our product and lastly we convince them to buy it.

To sell a product in a way that satisfies customers and build a long term relationship with them, one must have some traits. Creativity is the foremost element one requires to sell a product and product must be presentable that attract customers.

Integrity is an important factor, whatever you say must be true because once you break customer’s trust you cannot get them back. Sales management team must have passion to win; if they sell with whole heartedly they will win the customers and ultimately increased business revenues.


Everything You Need to Know about Homeshooling

Snow Days in Homeschool

One of the great parts about homeschooling is that you don’t really have to worry about snow days. Everyone loves snow days, but they can really interrupt the flow of your curriculum. That said, snow days can provide a really important opportunity to add ‘balance’ to your child’s life. Especially, so for high school students who are working really hard.

That said, you may not want to interrupt your curriculum. I found what works best is a compromise. Don’t think that your child won’t know that the public school kids are out for the day. What I learned worked best was offering the student the morning off. Sleep, play games, read, do whatever. During that time I took 30 minutes to 1 hour to come up with a very interactive or ‘fun’ lesson that supplemented the curriculum that we were already working on. I didn’t simply go into the existing curriculum, but did something more hands on and interactive.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum: Summer Work

Summer is summer for a variety of reasons. It should be time for your children to find balance in their lives. I know many families that continue school work through the summer and do a good job with it. Personally, I feel as if the summer is more of a time for personal growth and experimentation for children. It’s a time to allow them to develop their interests. Read what they want to read, play what they want to play, create games and activities on their own as opposed to being directed.

Personally, I use the summer to work on Christian homeschooling curriculum. This is nice because things with my kids are slower and I am not always worrying about this or that lesson. It’s time to do some real theoretical thinking on my curriculum and goals for the next year.

Challenging Your Homeschool Student

It is one of the most difficult things for homeschool teachers to manage: the right degree to challenge your students. It is well known that a strong homeschool curriculum is one that is challenging and rigorous. But if we challenge our students too much, thereby focusing on the ‘product’ of good test scores, etc. do we neglect the ‘process’ of developing strong Christian adults. The number one thing you want to avoid is not challenging your students at all. In private schools they often speak of ‘teaching to the high end’ — meaning the high end of the class. I recommend that you twist this to focus on teaching to the high end of your child’s intellectual ability. It goes without saying that you can only push so hard and that continued pressure and challenge is only met with diminishing returns. There is no silver bullet to answer these questions, but it is quintessential that we remain cognizant of them.


Christian Homeschooling Benefits

Christian Homeschooling Benefits

Many people ask me about the benefits of Christian homeschooling. The reality is that these conversations usually turn into addressing people’s trepidation about the idea of ‘Christian’ homeschooling. What people need to remember is that Christian homeschooling is one of the greatest manifestations of liberty and freedom in the US. That means that whatever Christian homeschooling means to you, then that is what you implement. You are not under any strict rubric to determine the level of religiosity in your teaching. Clearly, this is one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling. It gives you the opportunity to direct your child’s learning based on your own family’s values, not the values of the local school board or government. That’s not a swipe at my own local school board, but merely a recognition that I am the best person to share my values with my children.

Teaching History: Don’t Forget the Narrative

Teaching history in your Christian homeschool setting can be difficult. Some of the best activities in history class necessitate group learning. The sheer amount of facts that come into play, especially with the advanced curriculum in history (high school, AP), can be daunting to teacher and student alike. One of the ways that I have overcome this problem is through the use of narrative. Historical narrative, or stories, can be extremely instructive when teaching concepts. Moreover, it provides a depth of knowledge that purely analytical learning cannot. This does not necessarily take away from learning dates, facts, and figures, but can help improve your student’s cognition of these more rote items. Coming into a unit with a good basis of knowledge, using a story to underscore a concept, can be incredibly impactful. I suggest you give it a try.

I will give one example here. There was a great story in the Wall Street Journal about the inauguration of President Andrew Jackson. One of the main themes of this presidency was the ‘Jacksonian democracy’ and the emergence of new people into the democratic process. This is best exemplified in a narrative format by discussing Jackson’s raucous inauguration party that included all members of society, even those rough a tumble type who had stayed away from politics previously.

Christian Homeschooling Curriculum Planning Begins Now

If you haven’t started planning your curriculum, I suggest doing so immediately. Many ambitious homeschooling teachers will start making their entire curriculum before the summer, to truly have a great summer vacation. Online homeschool curriculum also, however, may be able to make things easier for you. No longer do we have to come up with everything on our own, but a good mix of online curriculum sources and our own innovativeness can make a robust curriculum.


All You Need to Know About Online Marketing Degrees

Online Marketing Degrees

With the rise of globalization, there is a fierce competition running out in overall world. In order to survive it has become imperative for every business person to be well equipped to meet today’s marketing challenges. Online marketing degree put forwards a creative and challenging pathway. Professionals who want to study further along with their job can take advantage of online marketing degree; this is flexible and easiest way of getting knowledge and degree without going into campus to attend classes.

Studying online marketing degree will make you ingenious and competent to be able to beat competition. Now a day’s switching cost is very low and customers are more literate and knowledgeable than ever before. If they are not being provided the things better than your competitors, they will switch easily. The online marketing degree helps you better understand how to stand out different with core competencies. Online marketing degree covers the topics like consumer behavior, marketing research, retailing, advertising, promotions, product development, and relationship management. It builds your confidence to interact effectively with the executive management as a strategic partner.

Online degree in marketing open up many professions, like telemarketing, direct marketing, sales, advertising and promotion , public relation department, retailing and corporate communications etc. According to a research, it has been found that most of the directors or CEO is “Masters in Marketing” it means that the students of marketing are capable enough to get highest position in a firm. They have the ability to run whole organization.

Online Certificate in Marketing

If you want to enhance your marketing and sales potential and want a great opportunity to brighten up your career in a wide range of industries then you must go for online marketing certificate. This is beneficial for those who want to start their career with entry level marketing position with appropriate work experience. Gradually along with experience, the knowledge and skills learned from the online marketing certificate can take you up on senior marketing position like marketing manager, product manager or sales manager. Online marketing certificate makes you capable to work in almost every field. It advances opportunities in the areas like Public relation firms, advertising agencies, corporate marketing, marketing research and development, brand management sales and retailing business. Professionals who want to make world a better place can make their career in nonprofit organizations.

As competition is increasing in both domestic and international markets, job opportunities are coming for capable students. Studies of Online marketing certificate make you understand how to design marketing strategy and tactics to beat competition. Essential requirement to get higher position in any firm is good communication skills and computer literacy and this is what field of marketing provides you. They make you strategic thinker and creative so that you portray yourself different and stand out for fierce competition.